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Creative Strategies to Engage First Year Students: Prevent Drop-outs


Live Webinar Recording

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When students arrive on your college campus, they are often unprepared for the rigors of the college classroom. How can you, as an educator, engage your students to prevent drop-outs and transfers by ensuring first year student success? Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced educator, join us for our 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Transition techniques to engage students from the start
  • Early alert strategies to identify students experiencing difficulty
  • Techniques to incorporate into classes that lead to student success
  • Specific exercises that improve student to instructor interactions

Program Highlights

  • Reach Unprepared Students Right from the Start - What You Need to Know

    • Crucial methods for identifying students with poor study habits
    • Essential early alert strategies to identify at-risk students
    • Specific techniques to help students manage & monitor their learning
  • Learner Centered Pedagogy - Techniques for First Year Students

    • Strategies to raise class attendance for all new students
    • Tips for motivating and engaging students in the classroom
    • Strong questioning techniques that encourage student engagement
  • Student to Instructor Interaction: 5 Ways to Improve the Learning Process

    • Methods to optimize face-to-face interactions - get students involved
    • Student-instructor feedback: How to communicate what is & isn't working
    • Ways to achieve instructional goals with nonverbal communication
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your specific questions answered

About The Speaker

Jill Schiefelbein is the owner and guru of Impromptu Guru, a company focused on helping individuals and groups improve communication in both face-to-face and online environments. Her latest project, "60 Second Guru," allows people to improve their communication and public speaking skills in a minute or less, once per week.

  • Ms. Schiefelbein is also an adjunct faculty member in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University, where's she's been teaching in online, face-to-face and hybrid environments for the past ten years.
  • Formerly, Jill worked in multiple capacities of online administration, including serving as the Director of Online Programs for ASU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where she developed the office of online programs and grew it into an organization with hundreds of online course offerings across dozens of academic units. You can visit her online at

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with creative strategies to engage and motivate first year students to ensure success during their critical first year of college and beyond.