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Clery Act Compliance: Accurately Prepare your ASR and Avoid Penalties


Live Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

This year's October 1st deadline to file your Clery Act Annual Security Report (ASR) is the first since the VAWA Final Regulations were published. Ensure compliance with the latest regulations before filing with the Department of Education in this can't-miss, online workshop. Our expert, Mary Beth Mackin, will provide straight-forward answers to your toughest Clery questions and guide you through the necessary components of compliance. Please join us for this 60-minute conference to discover:

  • Ways to ensure your ASR complies with Clery Act & VAWA requirements
  • An easy-to-understand Clery checklist: Audit your ASR before sending
  • How to successfully complete your ASR & file it problem-free
  • Keys to train & retrieve ASR information from Campus Security Authorities
  • Tips for working with local law enforcement to ensure off-campus reporting

  • Bonus:
  • Open-ended Q&A: Straight-forward answers to your ASR challenges

Program Highlights

  • Ensure Clery & VAWA Final Rules Compliance: Avoid Audits & Fines

    • VAWA final rules: Keys to compliance with latest Clery regulations
    • Recent amendments to the Clery Act that affect your ASR
    • What information to gather from local law enforcement
    • Identifying & training CSAs: Simple forms for crime reporting
  • Methods to File & Distribute Your ASR: Meet All Reporting Requirements

    • How & when to distribute your ASR: Strategic planning for distribution
    • Who needs to receive your ASR: Ensuring it is sent where it needs to go
    • Requirements for making your ASR available to prospective students
    • Common reporting mistakes & how to avoid them
  • Be Prepared if the Auditors Come Knocking: What the DOE Looks For

    • Self-assessment of your ASR: Identify problems before it's too late
    • Ensuring your ASR numbers match your DOE submission
    • Key methods to keep accurate records: Eliminate any surprises
    • What are the consequences of noncompliance
  • Live, Extended Workshop - Resolve your ASR issues today!

About The Speaker

Mary Beth Mackin is the Dean of Students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and also serves as the institution's Clery Act Compliance Coordinator.

  • Mary Beth is a Past President of the Association for Student Conduct Administration and has presented workshops on Clery Act compliance across the country.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar will provide you with specific strategies to ensure your ASR meets Clery Act regulations before you file with the DOE. Participate in our open-ended Q&A to have your specific issues addressed so you can file your ASR with confidence.