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Empower Students & Improve Retention: Peer Mentoring Programs that Work


Live Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Peer mentoring programs help your institution reduce costs and staff workload, create leadership and personal development opportunities for mentors and provide the support students need to succeed at college. How can you develop or update your peer mentoring program to make sure it is as strong as possible? Join us for a 60 minute webinar where you and your staff will discover:

  • Key components of a peer mentor program - All you need to know
  • Recruiting & selecting peer mentors - Criteria to establish
  • Training & orientation: How to best prepare students
  • Best assessment tools to determine the effectiveness of your program

Program Highlights

  • Updating Your Peer Mentor Program: Keys For Success

    • Types of peer mentoring programs - Which is best for your college
    • Specific design features - What you must include in your program
    • How to help first generation, first year & minority students succeed
  • Mentor Program Development Plan: Identify Your Qualifications

    • Who is your ideal mentor - Upper classmen, GPA minimum & more
    • Training & orientation - Solutions for your mentors & mentees
    • Effective strategies to incentivize & engage your mentors
  • Keep Your Peer Mentor Program On Track: Tips for Your College

    • How to gauge student success & avoid common pitfalls
    • Getting others involved - Key collaborative partners on your campus
    • Best methods to promote & develop engagement, self-efficacy & motivation
    • Real life examples of ways to enhance your programs
  • Question & Answer Session - Have Your Peer Mentor Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Amy Golden is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Arizona State University. Amy has worked in Student Affairs at three of the largest state institutions across the country over the last fifteen years (The University of Texas at Austin & The Ohio State University) before returning to her alma-mater Arizona State University.

  • Amy was charged with creating a large-scale, university-wide, one-on-one peer, faculty and staff mentoring program for the President Barack Obama Scholars Program which reaches upwards of 18,000 freshman students annually.
  • In addition to working with, developing and training the mentors for this particular effort, Amy is currently involved in a pilot program involving group mentoring with first generation students during the sophomore year.
  • Amy is a doctoral candidate in Higher Education: Leadership for Changing Times at Arizona State University. Her dissertation focuses is on first generation, Latinas persistence through the sophomore year at large, public institutions.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover important tools and solutions to build and organize effective peer mentor programs on your campus.