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PPY FAFSA: Prepare Now for Major Changes to Financial Aid & Recruitment


Live Webinar Recording

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The Prior-Prior Year (PPY) income data for filing the FAFSA will drastically change the college application, recruitment and admissions process. New policies and procedures for awarding admissions and financial aid will need to be developed and your recruitment strategy will need be revised. How can you prevent taking a big hit in enrollment under this massive change? Join us for this can't-miss, 90-minute webinar to discover:

  • WThe impact of PPY: Critical changes you need to adopt to survive
  • Must-know recruitment strategies for students & their parents under PPY
  • Vital updates to policies & procedures: Ensure you don't fall behind
  • Essential changes in communication with students & school officials
  • Important calendar changes: Revising deadlines, dates & school visits

Program Highlights

  • Keys to Preventing a Drop in Enrollment Under PPY Massive Change

    • What changes to expect when students have early financial knowledge
    • How to prepare for and benefit from the new trends of early commitments
    • Revising recruitment tactics for students & parents in the PPY environment
  • Strategies to Leverage This Time to Get Your Office Ahead of the Curve

    • Key changes to your campus visit schedule: Methods to maximize impact
    • Tips to effectively update admissions policies, deadlines and procedures
    • Developing new communications for high schools, students & internal depts.
  • What You Need to Do Right Now: Vital Changes for the New Calendar

    • Keys to coordinate admissions & financial aid calendars, deadlines & language
    • New recruitment strategies you must use now for juniors and sophomores
    • Ensure the class of 2017 isn't lost in the shuffle: Tips for the next year
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Dr. Justin Ball currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Bradley University and the Chief Enrollment Officer.

  • Dr. Ball has presented across the country at numerous meetings and national conferences on a breadth of topics related to enrollment management and enrollment technology, most recently about the migration patterns of Illinois high school graduates going out of state to college.
  • Justin is a strong advocate for first generation college students as he was a first generation college student.
  • With Justin's background in computer science, he is has a passion for utilizing technology to meet prospective students and their families on their platforms, where they are during the recruitment process, and then using technology to help move students and their families to develop in personal relationships with admission and financial aid counselors.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 90-minute webinar to discover critical strategies to prepare for the PPY change to FAFSA applications. This major change represents new challenges to your admissions, financial aid and recruitment. But with new challenges come new opportunities. This webinar will cover how to leverage the changes to improve your school's recruitment and admissions strategies.