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Active Shooter on Campus: Keys to Effective Emergency Planning


Live Webinar Recording

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An active shooter scenario keeps college safety and security professionals awake at night. The goal of any emergency response team is to prepare for any and all types of situations in a manner consistent with best practices and to ensure that if something happens, they are ready to respond. While an institution cannot prevent an event from occurring, there is much that can be done to minimize threats and be prepared for the worst. Please join us for this important, 60-minute, live, online training to discover:

  • Emergency response planning: What you need to do during a crisis
  • Threat assessment: Triaging concerns to achieve greatest impact
  • Training for campus safety: Keys to preventative & active response
  • How to create redundancy in notification systems to ensure communication
  • Keys to forming Behavioral Assessment & Intervention Teams
  • Examining campus infrastructure: Identify & eliminate vulnerabilities

Program Highlights

  • Emergency Response Preparation: Creating Your Active Shooter Plan

    • Forming and training your response teams: Assigning roles & duties
    • How to protect students and maintain order on campus during an attack
    • Ways to keep students, faculty, staff & police in the loop of your plan
  • Preventative Measures & Threat Assessment: Intervention Strategies

    • Developing set policies and procedures: Know how to act & when
    • Training BAIT and ERT members: Understanding HOW to respond
    • Proven methods for intervention: Incorporating best practices
  • Creating a Campus Culture of Preparedness: Reduce Risks Ahead of Time

    • Creating redundancy in notification systems to keep everyone informed
    • Checklist to examine campus infrastructure to reduce vulnerabilities
    • Communication with students, faculty and police on safety protocols
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Dr. Gregory J. (Greg) Nayor currently serves as the Vice President of Student Affairs at Daemen College responsible for the student life experience including the management and supervision of the areas of student activities, residence life, counseling and health services, dining services, and campus safety.

  • Dr. Nayor has served as associate faculty with Drexel University for nearly 5 years. Previously, Dr. Nayor held leadership positions at the University of the Arts, Virginia Intermont College, and Lynchburg College.
  • An energetic and innovative leader, Dr. Nayor has served on various committees and organizations at the state and national level. Dr. Nayor holds a BA in History and Secondary Education and a Masters in Education from the State University of New York (SUNY) - College at Potsdam, as well as an earned doctorate (Ph.D) from the University of Virginia in Higher Education administration.
  • Dr. Nayor's has placed his professional emphasis on campus safety, crisis management, and compliance with a co-authored chapter in an upcoming NASPA publication, "College in the Crosshairs." Specifically, Dr. Nayor has presented extensively on the use and inclusion of Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams (BAITs), co-authoring a resource guide on the subject for Paperclip Communications.
  • Dr. Nayor has been named the co-chair for the Western New York (WNY) Consortium's Task Force on Sexual Assault Prevention and Education as well as to the NASPA Region II Board coordinating corporate relations.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar will provide you and your team with effective strategies for responding to an active shooter crisis and methods for preventative measures to reduce risk of shootings.