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FERPA Regs for Alumni & Donor Records: Guidelines to Keep You Compliant


Live Webinar Recording

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Advancement professionals need to access vital student, donor and alumni records but must ensure FERPA compliance while doing so. In this 60-minute webinar, you will discover essential strategies for complying with FERPA regulations while performing important tasks. How can you develop and implement a FERPA compliant strategy that allows you to access essential records and takes the worry out of compliance? Please join us to discover:

  • Key FERPA considerations when working in the advancement shop
  • How to set policies that ensure compliance & effective records access
  • Specific FERPA provisions: Do's and don'ts of accessing records
  • A systematic approach to evaluating what is permissible under FERPA
  • Tips to create a strategy to access records: Do your job without worry

Program Highlights

  • FERPA Rules for Alumni & Development: What You Need to Know

    • How does FERPA apply to advancement activities
    • Two important questions: What information is being disclosed & to whom
    • The critical role of your school's policies in applying FERPA
  • FERPA Provisions & Specifics: Taking it One Provision at a Time

    • Do's & don'ts of accessing & releasing alumni educational records
    • Directory vs. non-directory info - what can be disclosed publicly?
    • Identifying "school officials" with "legitimate educational interests"
  • Proven Methods for Accessing & Using Records: A Systematic Approach

    • What you can & can't share with vendors, volunteers & committees
    • Criteria for sharing protected information on a "need to know" basis
    • Training staff to think "FERPA" when accessing records
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your specific FERPA questions answered!

About The Speaker

Alan S. Hejnal, an advancement professional for 25 years, brings extensive experience to the subject of FERPA in Advancement.

  • Alan has led Advancement Services efforts at a number of colleges and universities including Claremont Graduate University, Marquette University, Gettysburg College, and the University of Richmond, and the management of biographic and demographic data at the University of Oregon Foundation.
  • A regular conference speaker since beginning his career, Alan is the author of two chapters in the second edition of the CASE book Advancement Services: A Foundation for Fundraising.
  • Alan is a member of the Association of Advancement Services Professionals committee on Best Practices in Records Management and is the primary author of the AASP best practice document on FERPA.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover the ins and outs of complying with FERPA when accessing records for advancment activities.