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Recruiting Veterans: Proven Methods to Find & Attract Vets to Your Campus


Live Webinar Recording

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More veterans are coming out of the service and looking to higher education as a next step in building a lifelong career. But exactly how do you find these vets and attract them to your campus. What can recruiters do to implement a more veteran-supportive admissions process and what strategies can your university employ to keep student vets in college and engage them from their first semester until graduation and beyond? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • Demographics of vets in your community & how to reach them
  • Ways to employ a campus-wide recruitment approach for vets
  • How to effectively appeal to veterans - catering to specific needs
  • Best methods to increase retention & grad rates - starting day 1
  • Real life examples - vital ways to help vets succeed

Program Highlights

  • Attracting Veterans to your College: Recruitment Approaches that Work

    • Who are the veterans in your community - characteristics you need to know
    • Critical information on how to reach vets during the recruitment process
    • Challenges vets face & the impact on their return to civilian life & college
    • What to consider when creating a veteran-supportive recruitment campaign
  • Increase Enrollment & Enthusiasm: Fitting the Unique Needs of Vets

    • Strategies for a campus-wide recruitment effort: Enlist faculty vets
    • Keys to match student vet career objectives with your school's program
    • Assess military occupation skills: How to map a path that leads to graduation
  • Boost the Student Veteran Experience: Helping Military Students Succeed

    • Ways to provide easy access to GI benefits, academic & financial support
    • Tools for transitioning veterans from combat to campus to classroom
    • Strategies to create & support specific veteran-friendly programs
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Dr. John Schupp is with the SERV (Supportive Education for Recruiting Veteran) program.

  • Dr. Schupp has assisted in the development of classes designed specifically for veterans to help them in that very important first year of college. In addition, support is provided for veterans who have taken college-level coursework.
  • Dr. Schupp has won several awards for his work including the inaugural ACE/Wal-Mart award, 2010 Ohio Veteran Advocate of the Year by the Vietnam Veterans of America, and 2010 Recipient of the Department of Defense Zachary Fisher "Humanitarian of the Year" award.
  • He is also a Huffington Post Contributor, Creator of the "Stars Behind the Stripes" weekly newspaper column, and creator of "Share the Fair" for deployed US service-members.
  • Dr. Schupp is the former creator and CEO of American Crystal Technologies & Optics working with companies such as Nikon, Canon and Intel, creator and developer of 4 patents.
  • Dr. Schupp is an experienced speaker having spoken live to over 200 campuses nationwide, reached over 300 campuses via webinars, and has provided Veteran Resource Centers Business plans to over 100 campuses.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will equip you with actionable tools to recruit veterans to your campus and provide essential retention strategies to aid in their transition to higher education.