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Partnering with Faculty: Strategies to Recruit & Retain More Students


Live Webinar Recording

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Partnering with faculty in the admissions process is a critical component in attracting and keeping students at your college. Yet, engaging the academic side of the house is often challenging. How can you successfully promote faculty interactions with prospective students and lay the groundwork to boost enrollment & improve retention? Join us for a must-see 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will learn:

  • How faculty plays a critical role in recruitment & retention
  • Ways to recruit & build faculty partnerships
  • Tips to maximize the use of faculty recruiters
  • The impact of faculty on retention: Strategies for student success
  • Strategies to leverage key faculty motivators: What you need to know

Program Highlights

  • Connecting with Faculty Recruiters: Benefits of Involvement

    • How to use faculty recruiters to boost admissions & retention
    • Tools to engage & sustain successful faculty partnerships
    • Ways to involve faculty at various stages of the admissions funnel
  • Building Faculty Partnerships: Levels of Engagement

    • What are the different roles faculty can play in recruiting students?
    • Utilizing faculty expertise: Tips to focus their efforts
    • Successful examples of how to keep faculty feeling valued & involved
  • Maximizing the Use of Faculty in Retention: What You Need to Know

    • Faculty/student interaction: Strategies to ensure student success
    • Retention practices for faculty: Personal & campus-wide partnerships
    • Common challenges to faculty involvement & how to overcome them
  • Live question and answer session - Have your specific questions answered!

About The Speaker

Dr. Jennifer Layton McCluskey has a diverse background in higher education with experience in student life, enrollment, and academic affairs. Currently, Jennifer is Associate Vice President, Assistant Professor of Education, and Director of the Center for Academic Success & First-Year Experience at Maryville University in Saint Louis. In these roles, she leads the retention efforts and academic advising center, oversees and teaches in the University Seminar and Peer Mentor courses, and champions the efforts created to assist students in transition at Maryville.

  • In addition Jennifer serves as an Affiliate Consultant with CREDO (formerly Performa Higher Education). She has led multiple webinars and consulted on first-year seminar development, involving faculty and staff in recruitment and retention, facilitated regional, national, and international conference presentations on student retention, student success, students in transition, and peer leader programs.
  • She has worked at various institutions including the University of Denver, Arkansas State University, and Quinnipiac University.
  • Jennifer received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Missouri at Saint Louis. She earned her master's degree in College Student Personnel from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and her bachelor's degree in Speech Communication from Southeast Missouri State University.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar presented by Dr. Jennifer Layton McCluskey, Chair of the Center for Academic Success at Maryville University in St. Louis, will equip you with working strategies to successfully involve faculty in your recruitment and retention processes to boost enrollment and student success.